13 Piece Wiring & Shaping Bonsai Gift Set

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This Kit Includes -

  • Tinyroots Carbon Steel Wire Cutters - Designed to allow wire to be cut away from your Bonsai tree without over-biting into the tree itself.
  • Tinyroots Carbon Steel Jin Pliers - Jin Pliers aren’t for beginners, but they are awesome. Jin Pliers are used to carefully remove or peal back bark for the purpose of drying out the under-lying wood. The resulting “jin” is used to give the illusion of age.
  • Mighty Mini Turntable - This 10 inch diameter Bonsai turntable is great for any Bonsai pruning job, from the smallest tree up to a 200 lb behemoth.
  • 3 Wire-Pack - 100 grams each of: 4.5 mm (about 8 feet), 2.5 mm (about 25 feet ), and 1.5 mm (about 70 feet.).
  • Choji Oil - Used by generations of Japanese sword smiths and wood workers to protect their tools from rust and corrosion. Perfect for Bonsai tools. 
  • Medium Branch Bender - Branch benders, often referred to as levers or branch jacks are used when a trunk or branch must have additional pressure to bend it into a different position.
    The hooks and jacks are coated with red vinyl plastic to cushion the branch and minimize scuffing. After the lever is in place, tighten the jack screw a little bit every few days until you get the results you are looking for.
    This branch bender will spread up to 2 3/4" and accommodate trunk diameters of 3/4" or less.
  • Small Branch Bender - This branch bender has a fixed spread of 2 1/4 inches and will accommodate a branch diameters of 1/2 or less.
  • Bonsai Tool Roll - Tool roll-ups are how Bonsai tools are traditionally carried and stored. This genuine imported Japanese tool wrap is made of suede and leatherette and includes a cloth fold-over to protect your tool's delicate edges and tips while keeping them dry, clean and organized.
  • Bonsai Basics - This simple guide for first-time bonsai growers, with easy instructions and more than 200 full-color photos, covers the essentials of pruning, wiring, and aging; and keeping your bonsai healthy. Learn the many styles of bonsai shaping, important tree forms, forest groupings, and more. Plessey & Samson; 120 pages.
  • Shin-Kiyonal Cut Paste - This quick drying sealant and grafting aid contains insecticides and fungicides and forms a smooth, dark green cover that remains quite flexible. As the callus forms, the paste drops off gradually without leaving marks. Will not crack like putty-type paste. Apply to a thickness of 1-2 mm.
  • Grafting Tape - Grafting tape serves multiple purposes. It can be used as bandage to splint for broken/cracked branches or twigs. And it can also be used to hold the soil and roots for the root over rock design of Bonsai styling. Grafting tape resembles adhesive tape and is secure while allowing air to permeate the wound.
  • Raffia -Imported Raffia. Raffia is used to protect the branches and bark of your bonsai tree when using branch benders or training wire. Raffia is an essential element in the process of wiring your bonsai tree - don't skip it.Here's how it works: Soak the Raffia in water for 30 minutes and then wind it tightly around the length of the branch. As the raffia dries it will shrink and tighten a bit, giving the branch more support.In addition to protecting and strengthening the branch, Raffia helps keep the branch supple and pliable and prevents the bark from drying out and developing cracks. I also dramatically reduces the scars associated with wiring by preventing the wire from digging directly into the branch as it grows.Raffia is also commonly used in the Bonsai "shaping" process by tethering it to the trunk of the tree, and a branch, to pull it down into a natural looking downward position.
  • JIN SEAL - Lime Sulfur Compound for preserving and bleaching deadwood on bonsai. Apply undiluted to dampened deadwood with a synthetic bristle artist's brush. Best results are obtained when applied in full sun. Remove excess from bark immediately with a damp cloth or paper towel. Jin Seal is a more concentrated solution than the regular garden nursery products. Use with extreme care, eye and skin protection recommended.


Tinyroots™ Bonsai Tools offer elegance, balance, precision and traditional Japanese curves with the feel of surgical instruments. Practical considerations of durability, a lifetime of hard service, maximized corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning are a notable cost savings when amortized over their working lifespan. With reasonable care a Tinyroots™ tool can and will last a lifetime, backed by a 5-year guarantee.

13 Piece Wiring & Shaping Bonsai Gift Set


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