FRESH 2oz SuperThrive . Vitamins & Hormones All In One Reduce transplant shock. Buy It NOW, this size is being Eliminated.

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2oz SuperThrive Vitamins

SuperThrive is the World's #1 plant supply and your Bonsai tree is going to love it.  

SuperThrive contains more than 50 vitamins and has been used by growers' world-wide for more than 70 years. 

It's not a fertilizer, but rather an award winning mulch-vitamin/hormone mix designed for improving all aspects of plant growth. SuperThrive is ideal for use on cuttings and seedlings (to help resist stress), young plants (to improve root, stem and leaf development), flowering plants (to induce flowering and improve yields) and is extremely good in sick and stressed plants (relieves stress).

SuperThrive is concentrated and can be added to your tree at 1 drop per-gallon for everyday use, and 4 drops per-gallon for reducing stress.  

If you want a dramatically healthier Bonsai tree, SuperThrive is the way to go.  


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