6pc Watering & Fertilizing Gift Set

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This Kit Includes

  • Haws Watering Can - a 1-Pint watering can made by the famous "Haws" company and imported from England (COLOR MAY VARY)
  • Green Dream Fertilizer - Perfectly balanced organic fertilizer for bonsai - NPK 7:5:5.
  • 0:10:10 - Nitrogen-free fertilizer that doesn't promote foliage growth for the Winter months.  
  • Uncle Bill’s Bonsai Brew – 8 oz. - Exclusive to Bonsai Outlet by way of New England Bonsai Gardens, Uncle Bill’s Bonsai Brew is a 3-3-3, low dose year-round fertilizer that’s perfect for almost all species of bonsai and used on our very own Bonsai here at NEBG.Uncle Bill’s is water soluble and free of odor, which makes it particularly good for your indoor trees.It contains Nitrogen for robust foliage, Phosphorous for vibrant fruits & flowers and Potassium for vigorous root growth. A single bottle should last around a year for most Bonsai.

  • Super Thrive vitamins - #1 plant supply and your Bonsai tree is going to love it.  
    SuperThrive contains more than 50 vitamins and has been used by growers' world-wide for more than 70 years. 
    It's not a fertilizer, but rather an award winning mulch-vitamin/hormone mix designed for improving all aspects of plant growth. SuperThrive is ideal for use on cuttings and seedlings (to help resist stress), young plants (to improve root, stem and leaf development), flowering plants (to induce flowering and improve yields) and is extremely good in sick and stressed plants (relieves stress).SuperThrive is concentrated and can be added to your tree at 1 drop per-gallon for everyday use, and 4 drops per-gallon for reducing stress.  If you want a dramatically healthier Bonsai tree, SuperThrive is the way to go (2 ounces).
  • Fertilizer cups - brown plastic cups will keep birds away from fertilizer cakes that are exposed above the soil when your bonsai is outside. There are 10pcs / pack.


6pc Watering & Fertilizing Gift Set


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