All Natural Insect Control Solutions

Is your bonsai tree becoming a 24-hour insect buffet? Can you almost hear those pesky critters munching on your bonsai? There's no need to panic. Pest control no longer requires toxic pesticides to solve the problem. Treat your pest-ridden bonsai with all-natural Neem oil.

Neem oil is a centuries-old solution but relatively new in the West, and its gaining popularity among bonsai enthusiasts and professionals alike. It's a solid organic choice in pest control, and it's a safe and effective growth regulator and anti-feedant for more the 200 insect pests. 

In fact, many entomologists recognize Neem oil's remarkable ability to control insects, and believe it may usher in a new era of safe, all-natural pesticides. For that reason alone, Neem oil is the only product used by many for pest control in greenhouses and around the yard. 

Where does it come from, you ask? The neem tree, or Azadirachta indica, produces a compound called azadirachtin that effectively protects itself from damaging insects. Azadirachtin is a "tetranortriterpenoid" compound, which influences the biological hormonal system. It interrupts feeding, reproduction, and flight of insects, effectively neutralizing their ability to spread. 

Non-toxic to humans, mammals, and birds, Neem is ideal for treating an existing infestation and preventing new ones. It works on contact and functions as a systemic pesticide. Treat your bonsai directly or spray your bonsai tools before and after each use to reduce risk of infection. 

Neem oil is very versatile, ideal for treating houseplants as well as bonsai. Not only does Neem oil inhibit insect mating and larval development, but the wash-off into the soil also combats fungal root issues. The oil degrades rapidly in the environment, and has low side effects on non-target species and beneficial insects. 

From black spot to scab blights, powdery mildew, rust, caterpillars, aphids, red mites, spider mites, fleas, and ticks - if your bonsai has it, Neem oil will help control it. And best of all it is 100 percent organic.

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