5 Reasons A Bonsai Tree Is The Perfect Christmas Gift

5 Reasons A Bonsai Tree Is The Perfect Christmas Gift

7th Dec 2015

Still looking for great Christmas gifts? Consider Bonsai trees!

If you want a gift that's truly unique and distinctive, a Bonsai tree definitely delivers. With so many styles and varieties to choose from, there's a Bonsai tree that's right for every home, no matter how large or small. From college kids leaving home for the first time, to an older relative who needs something to care for, Bonsai are a great gift for a wide variety of people.

And because Bonsai trees are such unique and special things, they also make for unique and special gifts as well. There's probably nothing you could give that's quite as distinctive as a Bonsai...

Why You Should Give The Gift Of Bonsai This Holiday Season

1 - Year-Round Joy

So many Christmas Presents last for only a short while. Food and drink are usually done before new years. Movies, books, and games will only be used a few times at most. That expensive new cellphone or tablet will be an antiquated doorstop within six months. Clothing usually doesn't fit for very long, and it'll still be out of style shortly anyway.

But a Bonsai? When properly cared for - which isn't hard - a Bonsai tree can live as long as a person, or longer. There are Bonsai trees alive today which are truly centuries old, having been passed down within the same family or temple for year after year. A single Bonsai can easily become an heirloom that could be treasured for generations.

In a season dedicated to ideas of renewal and everlasting life, a Bonsai tree is one of the best possible representations. It's one of the only Christmas presents that are truly impossible to outgrow.

2 - Easy Care And Feeding

We've all seen the scenes in Christmas movies where someone opens their present, and it's a puppy or a kitten and they're totally thrilled. But are they really? A live animal requires a lot of time, attention, and money to take care of. That gift could easily turn into a major burden.

Bonsai trees are a great alternative! Most beginner species are extremely hard to kill, and they require minimal care. Give a small toolkit to go with the Bonsai, and your loved one will have everything they need to care for their new tree.

And besides... Bonsai trees don't make messes on the floor.

3 - Get Festive

Bonsai trees are great at Christmas time because they're so easy to get into the spirit. If you want to put a little extra love into your Bonsai gift, deck the tree out with a bit of garland or small "dollhouse" sized decorations from a hobby store. Or put some cotton balls down around its base, to simulate snow.

It'll go perfectly with the existing holiday setting, and of course, it can go right back to being a regular Bonsai once the season is over.

4 - A Truly Personalized Gift

Another of the great things about Bonsai trees is that they become an expression of their owner's creativity. Once a new Bonsai owner has learned about the variety of styles and the proper use of wiring with a Bonsai care guide, they'll be free to express themselves through their Bonsai in a way that very few Christmas gifts allow!

The world is full of experiences that claim to be "personalized" but are really just averaged-out mass-market commodities aimed at a general audience. A Bonsai is truly personal, in every sense of the word. No two are alike, with every one a reflection of its owner - and no one else.

5 - A Bonsai For Every Home

One of the hardest parts of giving home decorations is making sure that what you give will match well with the recipient's decor. Well, Bonsai trees go well just about anywhere! They're small and they're Earth-toned, so they can fit into nearly any room.

Further, there are so many types and species of Bonsai to choose from, including trees intended for both indoor or outdoor display. A few outdoor breeds even produce edible berries that could be made into jams, or leaves that can become tea, if the owner is interested in DIY cooking.

It doesn't take much effort at all to spot the perfect Bonsai for every home, and show off your decorating skills even as you impress with your gift!

A Christmas Bonsai Is Truly A Gift Of Love

A Bonsai tree could easily become one of the most surprising -and treasured- gifts a loved one could receive. Thanks to its long life, easy care, and great potential for creative expression, a Bonsai truly is a gift that keeps on giving... year after year.

Looking for more gift ideas? Feel free to contact the experts here at BonsaiOutlet with any questions you might have!