Bonsai Tools are a Well-Kept Secret between Gardeners

Posted by Bonsai Outlet on 18th Mar 2014

Tinyroots Bonsai Tools

Have you ever bought a pair of pruning shears only to have them bend or rust before the season is out? Even expensive shears purchased from a department store can be made of poor quality material. Mass produced consumer goods often fail to have a design that is intended to last.

The secret to buying reliable, good-quality gardening tools is to purchase them through a specialty retailer selling gardening tools that are not marketed or sold for mainstream gardening. What was that?

Bonsai Tools Are Better Quality

Bonsai gardeners have been using pruning shears, hand-held digging tools and bud trimmers for thousands of years. Bonsai tools , made of high-carbon steel (and stainless steel), have been designed and shaped by Chinese and Japanese bonsai masters for use in the art of shaping and dwarfing a bonsai tree. Bonsai tools are equivalent in price to regular gardening tools purchased in a hardware store, but are of a much higher quality because they are designed to last as long as the art of growing a bonsai tree.

Bonsai Tools are Built to Last

Subtle quality differences in design and material make the bonsai tools a better buy for your money. The handles have a more comfortable grip, the blades stay sharper, and they make a more precise cut than regular hand held gardening tools. Because they are not mass produced, they are made better and built to last. Don't let the words, “Bonsai Tools” scare you; bonsai tools can be used to shape your shrubs, prune your fruit trees or transplant your favorite perennials from one place to another.

Bonsai Shears are the All-Purpose Gardening Tool to Own

Having one good pair of bonsai shears is like owning one really good knife in the kitchen. Its versatility rules out the need to have 3 or 4 mediocre tools in its stead. Bonsai shears have razor-sharp blades that act like twin knives. They are specifically designed to produce a clean, precise cut without crushing the stem in the way that household scissors or poor-quality pruning shears can do. Good quality bonsai shears allow you to trim with confidence and prune without damage. Whether you are using bonsai shears on a bonsai tree, rose bush or shrub, you will notice the difference in the quality of your cut.

Bonsai Shears are for Every Gardener

If you are not a bonsai gardener, don't let the enormous selection of bonsai tools overwhelm you. Choose the tools you are already familiar with and the functions you presently need for your plants. Bonsai shears, pruning shears and pruning saws will increase the healthy growth and improve appearance of any living tree, shrub or bush in your garden. Who knows, you may even decide to purchase a bonsai tree. They are a lot easier to care for than you think.