Bonsai Trees are Unique Gifts You Can Afford to Give

Posted by Ashley Carrier on 18th Mar 2014

Japanese Black Pine

Flowers are beautiful gifts to give to someone. They represent a living symbol that someone you know cares for you. Their colourful blossoms cheer up a room and their aromatic memento blankets your sense of smell with the promise of spring.

In fact, giving flowers is so comforting that people often keep dead blooms in the vase for days, unable to throw them away and wanting to delay that final parting with the reminder that they are cherished by someone.

Flowers Die Quickly: Bonsai Trees Grow for Years

Instead of spending your money on a disposal arrangement, why not spend it on a miniature living tree? Send someone special a plant that they can keep. For about the same price as a dozen roses, you can buy a unique gift for your special person that will last for a lifetime. Bonsai trees live for hundreds of years, making it possible to pass them down from generation to generation. Because they are originally a living tree that has been trained and pruned to grow inside a smaller pot, they have a lifespan similar to the majestic oak, maple or pine tree.

Tropical Bonsai Trees Have Beautiful Blossoms

Bonsai trees make an eye-catching addition to your décor inside or outside. They are a relaxing hobby and can withstand many kinds of manipulations and dwarfing techniques even by an inexperienced hand. Not only does their unique dwarfed appearance have character, tropical bonsai trees do well indoors and many of them will blossom. Azalea, Bougainvillea, Brush Cherry, and Serissa are a few examples.

Bonsai Trees are Delivered Directly Door-to-Door

Bonsai trees can be just as easy to order as flowers. Bonsai nurseries are specialty shops devoted to the growing, shipping and handling of individual bonsai trees. We deliver our trees directly from the nursery to your door. And "most" include a care guide and bonsai tree specific care intructions. Find a florist that will do that for you!

Why give flowers that die or fail to bloom when you can give a plant that will outlive the moment of giving and provide joy well into the future?

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