Choose the Bonsai Tree that Fits your Lifestyle

Posted by Ashley Carrier on 18th Mar 2014

Bald Cypress Bonsai TreePeople are attracted to these tiny, dwarfed trees. Their unique character is appealing and the bonsai tree permeates any room or garden with its distinct presence. Many people drawn to these unique trees have purchased one, but were sadly disappointed when the little tree died after only a few months. Often, these bonsai trees were not sold with the name of their species, nor were they healthy at the time of the purchase. In this case, both the bonsai tree and the bonsai consumer have been distracted by the term, bonsai, and been victims of poor quality retailing.

Bonsai is NOT a Type of Plant

The word, bonsai, is an adjective that describes a process used to stunt and manage the growth of a tree, vine or plant. A bonsai hobbyist has learned different techniques and methods of dwarfing trees in order to produce a particular look. There are many forms of bonsai styles; you can cascade a branch downwards or coax a limb sideways. There is a multitude of different plants and trees that lend themselves to the art of bonsai. Some bonsai trees are more easily manipulated and show results quickly while others are slow to respond and take smaller, more frequent steps to produce an end result.

Choose a Tree that YOU can Bonsai

If you are new to the art of bonsai, your best choice of bonsai tree would be one that is meant to be kept inside. These bonsai trees are good for beginners because they are naturally disposed to one single type of climate; thus, your consistent house temperature should be just fine. If you want to introduce yourself slowly into the bonsai hobby, choose a starter tree that has been trained by someone else. This kind of bonsai tree has been introduced to the art of bonsai, and prepped for bonsai growth. A starter bonsai tree gives you a pattern to follow or from which you can begin to make some slow adjustments. Once you feel comfortable, or begin to form more of your own ideas, you can branch out or try an outdoor tree.

Matching a Bonsai Tree to your Lifestyle

Bonsai Outlet is an on-line specialty store that stocks trees perfectly suited for a budding bonsai enthusiast. At Bonsai Outlet, each bonsai tree is geared to indoor life and will flourish well with only a little more care than you would give to a common houseplant. If you appreciate the unique appeal of a bonsai tree, but do not have time to explore the art of it, a beginner Bonsai tree is perfect for your lifestyle. Water, sunlight, occasional fertilizing and pruning the branches to keep that shape it came with is all you need to do to maintain your bonsai tree form.

Let Bonsai Outlet Help you find a Bonsai Tree that suits your Style

Bonsai Outlet serves all bonsai hobbyists. Our experts will help you choose a tree that suits your lifestyle. You don't have to be an expert to keep a bonsai tree in good condition. Not everyone who wants a houseplant wants to cultivate a grape vine. Owning a bonsai is as simple or as comprehensive as your time permits. Choose a bonsai that is right for you. Ask Bonsai Outlet. Their staff will guide you to the perfect bonsai tree.

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