Do I Need a Grow Light?

Do I Need a Grow Light?

Posted by Bonsai Outlet on 18th Mar 2014

Q: I'm a beginner that’s really interested in Bonsai trees, I've heard a lot of good about the Ficus Benjamina tree, and I really like pomegranate bonsai as well! The bonsai will not be going in a well lit area, so I'm debating a grow light of some sort if necessary.

A: The Ficus tree is a very natural indoor tree. A Ficus can tolerate virtually any level of light, but of course, has to have reasonable amount to survive.

Depending on how low the light is, it may thin itself by shedding a good portion of its leaves. The more light, the more leaves. The less light and the tree will adjust by throwing leaves overboard so that its root system and photosynthesis are in balance. It'll keep what leaves it can afford to and no more. The Ficus is probably the top selling indoor Bonsai tree.

The Pomegranate is a bit of a different story. It's a natural outdoor plant that's not too particular about being inside or out, but it needs to have an adequate amount of sun. I don't think it would fare well in low light inside without help from a grow light.

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