Five Reasons Bonsai Trees Make Awesome Corporate Gifts

26th May 2016

Bonsai can go just about anywhere. In the garden, in a living room, in a boardroom, or even into a simple worker's cubicle.

If you're looking for an eye-catching and wholly unique option for corporate gifts and giveaways, give some consideration to the noble Bonsai Tree. If you want to truly make a statement about your business, Bonsai make for amazing corporate gifts.

Five Reasons Your Business Should Give The Gift Of Bonsai

1 - A Truly Unique Gift

Let's face it... Everyone in business has so many promotional pens and calendars and calculators lying around that they're practically meaningless as awareness-builders. Most of the time, once received, they go straight into a bottom drawer and never seen again. Or just into the trash.

But not a Bonsai! Whether it's a trade show giveaway, a prize for excellence among your workforce, or a deal-sealing gift for that new VIP client, a Bonsai tree is an utterly distinct, memorable, and truly special branded product.

2 - Symbolize Your Own Stability

One of the key 'features' of a Bonsai tree that makes them so popular is that they're incredibly long-lived. When properly cared for, a Bonsai can outlive its owner. Some specimens are provably documented to have been alive for centuries - museum pieces that still live to this day.

That sense of longevity is captured when your company gives out Bonsai, along with all the other virtues associated with the trees: Wisdom, durability, sustainability, strength, and more. A Bonsai tree is a powerful symbol.

3 - Show Off Your Green Side

It's easy for a company to talk the talk when it comes to embracing eco-friendly solutions, but far harder to walk the walk. If your organization is looking towards a major initiative or overhaul aimed at going green, a Bonsai-related promotion is a great way to show that off.

After all, Bonsai are all about demonstrating the unity and cooperation between man and nature. A Bonsai tree preserves natural trees in miniature, while still being a living, thriving organism that can survive in nearly any human environment. It might sound impressive for a business to say they're investing $X Millions into ecologically-sound solutions, but a Bonsai is something tangible that investors or activists can hold to show off that commitment.

4 - Fully Customizable Presentations

When we talk about giving out Bonsai as corporate gifts, we're not just talking about any old tree. Almost every aspect of the presentation can be customized to fit your needs. This could include:

  • Custom-branded pots or other care tools.
  • Personalized cards with names, events, and other key info.
  • Customized care directions.
  • Additional goodies, such as a selection of artisan chocolates.
  • Figurines and other additions to the presentation.
  • Even grown-to-order Bonsai, styled as you like. (Although this would need time to fulfill for obvious reasons.)

A Bonsai tree could be the perfect unison between nature, humans, and marketing. You make a true statement about your brand, while the recipient gets a treasure they could enjoy for years or decades to come. No other branded merchandise could potentially bring so many impressions.

5 - Bulk Discounts Available

If you're glancing at our catalog and thinking Bonsai wouldn't be cost-effective for a serious gift-giving initiative, think again! BonsaiOutlet is happy to talk about bulk discounts, and you might be surprised at just how affordable a large order can become. Sure, they cost more than a set of pens, but you get so much more as well.

We carry a wide variety of fast-growing and relatively inexpensive species, such as Dwarf Jades or simple Lucky Bamboo, which could easily be bulk-purchased.