Haws - More Than Just A Watering Can

16th May 2016

Some designs just can't be improved upon.

People often like to think of innovation as continually marching forwards, but every now and then, a product comes out that's so perfectly-designed that even after decades, or centuries, no one has managed to do it any better. There are only imitations. Usually, that brand comes to be synonymous with the product itself: Victorinox knives. Xerox copiers. Scotch tape. Waterford Crystal.

And Haws watering cans.

There's a reason that virtually all the watering cans we sell come from exactly one brand. With a design that's stood the test of time since the 19th Century, the British-based Haws company is the last word in watering for most people. Adding a Haws watering can to your own tool collection brings a touch of English class to your Bonsai care, while bringing you the easiest watering you've experienced.

A Balanced Approach

Haws cans began thanks to their founder, John Haws, becoming dissatisfied with the French-made watering cans that were popular in his day. They had included a handle that reached over the top of the can, attempting to make them easier to use, but the balance was simply terrible. The cans were hard to control, bulky to move around, and uncomfortable in use.

So he set out to make them better.

Rather than a single handle reaching almost all the way to the spout, he made the handle more circular, and added a second separate grip above the main spout. With testing, he was able to design a handle that could be grasped comfortably regardless of how full the can was, maintaining perfect balance throughout.

Later, slight revisions to the spout -or rose- gave Haws watering cans another of their iconic features: Extremely thin, gentle streams called "Fine As Rain," which are safe for even the most delicate of saplings.

Superior Build And Waterproofing

The classic Haws watering can is made from solid heavy-gauge steel covered by a coating of galvanized zinc for water protection. Every joint is hand-welded by professionals, rather than relying on assembly-line techniques which unavoidably create more dud products. Every Haws is thoroughly inspected before it receives the signature seal marking it.

This gives the Haws unparalleled durability, with their top-line models proudly boasting an expected lifespan of twenty years... or even longer. A single Haws could be the last watering can you ever have to buy.

With capacities ranging from 2.3 gallons to 1 pint, there are Haws of a wide range of sizes and gardens. Plus, even if you can't afford the classic all-metal Haws design, there are options that can still put Haws quality in your garden.

Plastic Haws: Classic Looks And Design At Modern Prices

While they lack the extra-long lifespan of their metal cousins, plastic Haws watering cans still bring the look and feel that only Haws provides. The balance is still excellent, and lightweight plastic makes them easier to carry - especially for children.

In most models, the rose is still made of high-quality brass and still features their distinctive ultra-soft sprays. It's all the benefits of Haws in a less-expensive, less-durable package.

And even the plastic models still retain those traditionally charming British looks.

Is There A Haws In Your Garden?

Haws is respected around the world, and in the toolkits of many of the world's top gardeners and Bonsai experts. In over a century, no one has topped their design for long-lasting, easy-to-use watering cans.

Bonsai Outlet proudly carries a wide range of Haws watering products, and we invite you to explore them.