​Organic Fertilizer Explained

​Organic Fertilizer Explained

Posted by Bonsai Outlet on 18th Mar 2014

When the term "ORGANIC FERTILIZER" is used in comparison to regular NON ORGANIC fertilizers, the term or word organic as a general rule means that the main nutrients comprised in the product are solely refined from or a by-product of a living organism. Such blood meal, seaweed, fish emulsion, various manure and possibly sewage sludge. Urea based products are a synthetic fertilizer manufactured from inorganic materials.

When Organics are compared to synthetic fertilizer, organic fertilizers contain relatively low concentrations of actual nutrients, but they perform important and vital functions that the synthetic formulations do not.

Organics in a nutshell increase the organic content in the soil and improve the water-holding capacity of the soil. Organics fertilizers improve the physical structure of the soil which allows more air to get to plant roots. Organic fertilizers, when used increase the basic bacterial and fungal activity in the soil. Mycorrhizal fungi symbiotically allow for the other nutrients to be made available for the plants thrive in soil where the organic matter content is high. This is very important since bonsai soil is basically inert.

Organically derived plant nutrients are slow to leach from the soil making them less likely to contribute to water pollution than synthetic fertilizers. Thus the result is longer more sustained feed for your plants. For bonsai this is excellent! Less time spent worrying about feeding your tree so you can concentrate on the look and growth in a more effective manner!

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