​Signs You May Be Addicted to Bonsai

​Signs You May Be Addicted to Bonsai

Posted by Bonsai Outlet on 18th Mar 2014

You weren’t born bonsai-addicted – the addiction built over time. Bonsai addiction is not usually the result of any one factor; it is caused by a multitude of instigators that merge together erupting into a consuming desire to cultivate bonsai. 

Signs of Bonsai Addiction

In the beginning, the signs are difficult to discern. Something about a bonsai draws you to it. You find you can’t get it out of your mind. The craving becomes unbearable; you promise yourself you will limit the craving to one bonsai plant – just one. The soothing quality of the bonsai and calm it brings you permeate your mind and you soon find that one it isn’t enough.

As you give in to the addiction, other people begin to notice the physical signs of it. Bonsai of various stages of growth, imported and domestic bonsai, bonsai trailing from your indoor sills to the patio, tools of various bonsai-related functions lay in perfect harmony inside and outside your home. Each time you add one more bonsai you promise yourself you will stop, and before long – you’re hooked. You refuse to admit it is a problem and convince yourself that you can handle it.

The Root of Bonsai Addiction
Bonsai addiction affects the inside of the body as well as leaving telltale signs on the outside. Your mind becomes more focused, knowledgeable and peaceful. Bonsai addiction is a physical and mental process. It is part of who you are. Admitting to your bonsai addiction causes fear. The thought of your home without your tiny trees, pots and tools is scary. You develop an extensive mental list of reasons why you should never stop.

You tell yourself that:

  • this “Stuff” only happens to other people
  • it is only a few; you can stop if you want to

The first step in addiction recovery is to admit you have a problem. You know what incentive will help you stop. You’ve heard it many times before:

  • Join “Bonsai Anonymous”

Why Bonsai Why?
The reality is that bonsai can bring you enormous satisfaction and enrich your life. It is a fact! There are folks who are able to enjoy bonsai and not become addicted - take some consolation in that.

Top Ten Signs You’re Addicted to Bonsai

10. You always keep an empty bonsai pot because you never know when you’ll get a new bonsai.
9. You leave social engagements early to water your bonsai trees.
8. You plan vacation destinations that are close to bonsai centers.
7. You drive 70 mph but can still pick out bonsai growing in the forest.
6. Your family complains about the odor of the organic fertilizer in the basement.
5. You take up pottery just so you can make your own bonsai pots.
4. You take your vacations in the early spring so you can do more gardening.
3. Whenever you’re stressed, you close your eyes and think of bonsai.
2. You collect rainwater in two 55-gallon drums even though you only need a gallon a day!
1. When you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you replace him/her with a bonsai!

Other signs that you may be addicted to bonsai:

  • You can name at least three commercials with bonsai in them.
  • Every shrub at Home Depot looks like a potential bonsai.
  • You subscribe to more than one bonsai periodical.
  • When company comes to your house, you’re tempted to show your bonsai before your children!
  • When you buy a new vehicle, cubic-foot-storage is the most important consideration.
  • You have revised your limit on the number of bonsai you can own on more than one occasion.
  • Your daily calendar is controlled by bonsai care.
  • You travel more than 50 miles (more than once) to attend bonsai conferences or meetings.
  • You are less than honest with your spouse about how much you spend on bonsai.
  • You leave bonsai at a friend’s house so you can bring them home when your spouse isn’t there.
  • You have four times as many pots as trees in your collection.
  • When you take a Rorschach test, you have to fight the urge to remove branches from the ink blots.