Problems With Your Bonsai? Top Seven Signs Of Trouble!

Posted by Ashley Carrier on 13th Apr 2016

The 7 Biggest Warning Signs Of An Unhealthy Bonsai Just like pets and children, Bonsai trees are susceptible to disease and a range of other health problems. Unfortunately, unlike pets or children, Bonsai don't really have a good way of communicating these problems. So one of the big challenges of Bonsai ownership is knowing your tree well enough to recognize when it's having trouble. The good news is that if you're observant and check up on your Bonsai every day, you can al …
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The Five Best Reasons To Bring A Bonsai Tree Into Your Life

Posted by Jason on 24th Jul 2015

The Top Five Reasons You Need A Bonsai Tree In Your LifeMore and more people around the world are bringing Bonsai trees into their lives, and it's easy to see why! In many ways, a Bonsai combines the best qualities of both a houseplant and a pet. A Bonsai is a living, growing, loving entity which is happy to share in your life, without ever being demanding or damaging the environment around it.If you've been looking for a special something to bring into your life or your home, perh …
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There's No Reason To Call 9-1-1 When Your Bonsai Needs First Aid!

Posted by Jason on 21st Jun 2015

When properly cared for, a bonsai tree can be a wonderful addition to your home and family. A single tree can live for a century or more, while ever so slowly expressing its own personality through its growth and changes over the years.Unfortunately, like others in your household, a bonsai can fall prey to a number of common ailments. The good news is that these trees are relatively hearty, and most common diseases can be taken care of. As with all living things, the key is to be …
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