Give Your Bonsai A Special Home With A Sara Rayner Pot

2nd Oct 2015

A great Bonsai presentation is about more than just the tree itself; it's the total package. The pot that your Bonsai lives in is a vital part of its artistic statement, much like clothing makes a statement on people. Sure, you can keep a Bonsai in any old pot, but a great pot makes an even greater Bonsai.And right now, one of the greatest Bonsai potters in the world is Sara Rayner. For more than fifteen years, she's worked solely on pottery for Bonsai from her small home in Minneso …
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Should I Repot My Bonsai In The Fall Or the Spring?

21st Aug 2015

One of the trickiest areas of raising a Bonsai is the question of repotting. Most Bonsai keep growing throughout their lives -unless deliberately stunted- and will periodically need to be transplanted into larger accommodations if they're going to remain happy and healthy. Of course, this is rough on the Bonsai. Trees never replant themselves in nature, so it's up to you to ensure there's as little trauma to the Bonsai as possible. The question of whether it's better t …
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