The Right Fertilizer for the Right Tree

The Right Fertilizer for the Right Tree

Posted by Bonsai Outlet on 18th Mar 2014

Ok.You just rolled your new Ferrari off the lot. Oh is it a sweet sweet ride. Over the next week you and the car are literally inseparable. Heck you have gotten up in the middle of the night more than once to check on the car in the garage. By the end of the week it comes time for your very first fill up at the gas station. Are you going to pump Regular 87 octane gas into your Italian beauty? Doubt it. No, you are going for the PREMIUM stuff. Why? Because the engine is tuned for the premium blend of gas. Sure you could save a few pennies and throw the cheap stuff into the tank but after dropping that good money on a fine tuned Italian driving machine you want to take GOOD care of it. After all you did opt for the Ferrari (despite your spouses objections) and not a Ford Taurus. Not that there is anything wrong with a Ford Taurus. They are both good cars but both require different fuel types.

Bonsai trees are not that much different in the sense different species have different fertilizer needs. Fertilizer being the fuel and one of the key components that keeps the tree alive and healthy. Using the wrong fertilizer or too much of the right or wrong stuff will cause harm to your trees. Harm that could take years to undo. Knowing what each trees nutritional requirements is a very significant responsibility. One that we all must take seriously.

The harm inflicted by not fertilizing correctly could be as serious as root burn or a serious case of uncontrollable growth. The object with bonsai fertilizing (most of the time) is substantive feeding. You want to fertilize enough to keep the tree healthy.

Now don't panic! It is not all doom and gloom on the fertilizer front. Knowing how and what fertilizer to use is as simple as asking someone who knows.

As always if you have any questions..... ASK!!!

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