T​hinking Of A Vacation? Don’t Forget The Basics!

T​hinking Of A Vacation? Don’t Forget The Basics!

Posted by Bonsai Outlet on 18th Mar 2014

Summer is here, and the beautiful weather insures that vacations are on the minds of many! While our gardens are in top form it’s important to remember that not only do our pets need care while one is away soaking up the sun in abundance, but our plants, and especially our beloved bonsai’s need attention from a trusted caregiver. Whether it’s a reliable family member, a steadfast friend, or a contracted house-sitter you will want to be sure that the person in charge of caring for your bonsai while your away understands completely the importance of proper bonsai care.

Not everyone understands that neglect with a bonsai isn’t the same as neglecting to care for a traditional houseplant. While some houseplants can withstand some neglect, a bonsai’s fate can be death when attended to with an absent minded attitude. You don’t want your relaxing vacation to end with disappointment, so ensure that your bonsai attendant is armed with the following understandings:

  1. In general, bonsai prefer to be moist but not soggy. When the top half of the soil becomes dry, it is time to water thoroughly for most bonsai species being sure to water gently until water flows out the bottom; be sure to instruct about specific alterations of this rule as needed. Misting daily in the dryer months is appreciated as it provides humidity and washes away dust.
  2. Check the moisture requirement for an individual species because it may vary from the general rule. A few species need to be kept at a dryer water level and others need more frequent watering.
  3. Check daily for water needs. Don’t rely on a rigid watering schedule, but water when the tree requires it. Teach your caregiver what to look for. The smaller the pot, the more often it must be watered.
  4. Instruct your caregiver how to use a humidity tray, and be sure they understand that a bonsai should never sit in a wet dish—bonsai don’t like having wet feet.

With a little guidance and a simple to understand “to do” list for your bonsai caregiver, you can leave on vacation armed with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your bonsai will be well cared for while you take some time to rejuvenate your body, mind, and spirit under the golden rays of the summer sun! Have fun!