Top Ten Reasons Bonsai is Better Than Sex

Top Ten Reasons Bonsai is Better Than Sex

Posted by Bonsai Outlet on 18th Mar 2014


The other day, some of my fellow bonsai enthusiasts and I were joking about a top ten list of reasons bonsai is better than sex. Next thing I know, we had all ten, and had many laughs during the process. I thought I’d share them here. Hope you like them!

Top Ten Reasons Bonsai is Better Than Sex

10. No one ever complains about the size of your bonsai

9. Because most bonsai sessions last longer than five minutes!

8. No cuddling after bonsai

7. Everyone gets to admire your “pruning” techniques

6. You don’t have to be good at bonsai

5. With bonsai, coveting someone else’s property won’t get you in trouble

4. There’s no shame in doing it by yourself

3. Bonsai – Viagra free for thousands of years!

2. It’s a perfect group activity

And the #1 Reason Why Bonsai is Better than Sex: The smaller, the better!

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