Top Ten: Why Bonsai Are Better Than Flowers

Posted by Bonsai Outlet on 19th Mar 2014

Photo Credit: Flickr, Joshua Veitch-Michaelis

Flowers as gifts are wonderful except for their habit of dying quickly. It's time to upgrade your next anniversary, birthday, or Valentine's Day gift with a unique bonsai tree. 

Here are our Top Ten Reasons Why Bonsai Are Better Than Flowers:

10. How much thought really goes into a dozen roses?
9. One lasts for a week, one lasts for hundreds of years – you choose.
8. Like Apple’s famous advertising slogan, “Think Different.”
7. Three simple words: “Instant Feng Shui!”
6. Because we all know the best things come in small packages.
5. Give a lifestyle, not just a gift.
4. Almost zero chance your recipient will receive two bonsai.
3. Guaranteed to impress.
2. Your chance to start a new tradition.

And the #1 reason "Bonsai Are Better Than Flowers":

1. Because as much as it’s about them, it’s about you …and how cool are you?

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