Who Chooses the Bonsai Pot, You or Your Tree?

Posted by Bonsai Outlet Staff on 18th Mar 2014

Bonsai Pot

Agonizing over the perfect bonsai pot should not have to be a prerequisite for keeping a healthy plant. You do not have to fine tune your symbiotic relationship with the bonsai beyond the tangible world in order to choose a bonsai pot.

The same as it is with all types of potted plants, bonsai pots are available in an array of sizes, shapes and colors that will suit any taste and tree. 

Making sure you select the correct bonsai pot for your bonsai tree does not have to be any more difficult than choosing a container for your cactus or begonia. Not to diminish the importance of the bonsai, but the principle of selecting a bonsai pot is the same for any houseplant. 

If you have narrowed your choice to pots made for ‘bonsai' (shallow with drainage holes), chances are likely that the container is going to be a good environment for your budding bonsai after taking a few honest measurements.

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What Size Should the Bonsai Pot Be?

** If the bonsai is tall , but not that wide:

** Pot length = 2/3 of the height of the plant.

If your bonsai is wide but not that tall:

** Pot length = 2/3 of the width of the tree

** The depth of the pot = the diameter of the base of the trunk.

Your new bonsai pot should be a similar size as the old one, or a bit bigger. Choose a pot that compliments your tree without dominating it. The art of Bonsai is to replicate a naturally growing tree as closely as possible, but on a much smaller scale. Try to choose a neutral bonsai pot that will match the color of the tree or go well with it as an accessory. Make sure the size of the pot is in proportion with your tree.

The mystical aura surrounding the choice of bonsai pot is that it needs to fit the plant, the climate and suit its owner. While relaxing with your bonsai tree can add to the fun and excitement of owning one, trust yourself and choose a bonsai pot that YOU like. Many bonsai specialty outlets have a wide range of sizes and colors to fit any décor and dimension.

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When the bonsai pot is chosen carefully, it will help to transform and complete the overall image of the bonsai tree. Choosing a bonsai pot is like buying a coat. The coat should suit the person, be a color that compliments the physical appearance of the person and a shape that maximizes the assets of the person intended to wear the coat. Hopefully, a man would not choose a women's coat that is too sizes too small or a color that makes him look ill and lop-sided. Choosing a bonsai pot is easy if you keep in mind that it is something the bonsai tree will have to wear for a long time.

Choosing a bonsai pot that will allow you to explore your own creativity is one of the aspects of the bonsai hobby that bestows it with a unique and inspiring appeal. Bonsai Outlet offers a current selection of contemporary and traditional bonsai pots and accessories to make your choice easy. Let us take the stress out of bonsai and keep the art intact.