Bonsai Seed Kit - Japanese Black Pine

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Japanese Black Pine Bonsai Box Seed Kit

The Japanese black pine is a native of Japan and is arguably one of the most classic of Bonsai pine species.

The Black Pine is a very vigorous tree that is commonly grown in Japan in parks and ornamental gardens where impressive heights of up to 25 feet and an outreaching spread of 20-35 feet are commonly reached.

With its strong roots, rugged bark and informal appearance, the black pine is an elegant and powerful tree that epitomizes the bonsai aesthetic.

 The Bonsai Box Seed Kit Includes

  • Seeds
  • Growing Medium
  • Bonsai Shears
  • Recycled US Steel Box
  • Directions

*The second image indicates what your Bonsai can look like in 3 years 

Bonsai Seed Kit - Japanese Black Pine


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