Bonsai Stands – Displaying Balance and Harmony

There are three design elements to consider when choosing an indoor display stand for your bonsai tree: the tree, the pot and the stand.  Each element brings with it its own intrinsic considerations.  Your goal is to marry the three elements to maximize the harmony and balance of all three as one.

Tree, Pot, and Stand

A general guideline for making your choice for a display stand is that it should be a half size bigger than your pot and your pot is proportioned to your tree.  An additional consideration is, keep in mind that shallow pots are often coupled with low-standing displays and tall pots with tall, narrow stands.  Finally, showier trees can be coupled with more ornamental stands.

Your aesthetic considerations can lean more towards symmetrical or asymmetrical couplings of your tree/pot/stand – the first emphasizing one visual entity, while the second introduces tension and movement.  Think about the scene you’ve imagined for your bonsai when making these decisions. 

Dignify Your Bonsai

Ask yourself, is your bonsai stand an extension of your pot and an element to elevate and dignify your tree; or, is it simply a display area, with little or no overall relationship to the other two?  If you’re unsure of your answer, explore various stands to discover the wide variety of choices including themes, materials and types.

A carefully chosen bonsai stand can elevate your tree to a more formal position, adding prominence and dignity, becoming an extension of or compliment to your pot.  As it adds formality it, also, protects your furniture.

The bonsai stand has the tradition of being an intricate element of the display, with the stand as part of the image, rather than an unnecessary accessory.  Considering your tree and pot and, adding to it, a stand, you can choose to follow that tradition or make your own choice.

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