Bonsai Tree Size Classification

Do you know how to classify your bonsai by its size? Don't worry, most people don't. And even fewer know enough to ask. But it can be an interesting conversation piece for bonsai enthusiasts. Ad as you'll see from our chart, understanding the size classifications is all in the hands.

We know your bonsai is in good hands. The chart can tell you how many! Read more.

Japanese classification

Required hands to move bonsai

Approximate size





Eight-handed bonsai

60 to 80 inches


Six-handed bonsai

40 to 60 inches

Dai or Omono

Four-handed bonsai

30 to 48 inches




Chiu or Chumono

Two-handed bonsai

16 to 36 inches


One-handed bonsai

10 to 18 inches





One-handed bonsai

6 to 10 inches


One-handed bonsai

5 to 8 inches

Shito or Keshitsubo

Fingertip bonsai

Under 2 inches




Shito, Mame and Komono are also known as SHOHIN

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