Elegant White Flowering Quince Pre-Bonsai In a training Pot No. 7446

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This is a One Of A Kind White Flowering Quince

The White Flowering Quince Bonsai Tree is a botanical marvel that brings a touch of elegance and serenity to any bonsai collection.

Adorned with pristine, snow-white blossoms, the White Flowering Quince Bonsai Tree captivates the eye with its purity and grace. Each delicate petal unfolds like a miniature work of art, creating a breathtaking spectacle reminiscent of a tranquil spring morning.

Contrasting with the purity of its blossoms, the bonsai boasts lush, emerald-green foliage that provides a verdant backdrop for the ethereal white flowers. The leaves, meticulously pruned to perfection, add to the overall charm and vitality of the miniature tree.

In many cultures, white flowers symbolize purity, renewal, and new beginnings. The White Flowering Quince Bonsai Tree, with its pristine blossoms, embodies these sentiments, making it a thoughtful and symbolic addition to any bonsai enthusiast's collection.

The tree you see is the tree you'll receive. Please ask us questions if you are unsure about caring for this tree. 

Stats -

  • This bonsai is 14" tall, measured from the soil to the top of tree.
  • The spread is 10"
  • It ships in an 6" Plastic pot. 
  • Pictures taken December 26, 2023

The Tree(s) you see are the tree(s) you'll receive. 

 *** This is an expensive Bonsai. We've likely been watering, fertilizing, pruning, and weeding this tree for a long time. Once this tree leaves our facility, watering, fertilizing, etc is beyond our control. If you buy this bonsai, we assume you're a responsible person and that you know what you are purchasing. THEREFORE - The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Bonsai Outlet makes no warranties once the Product leaves our nursery. All One-Of-A-Kind Trees are listed AND sold “as is”. Sales are considered final. No refunds or exchanges will be offered in any instance. Bonsai Outlet assumes no responsibility for the health and welfare of the products after they leave our nursery. Please ask care questions prior to buying, if you are unsure. 

Elegant White Flowering Quince Pre-Bonsai In a training Pot No. 7446

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Elegant White Flowering Quince Pre-Bonsai In a training Pot No. 7446


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