Bonsai Tree Desktop Intelligent Grow Light

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Need a little extra natural light? Need help growing outdoor Bonsai trees like Junipers inside? Here's the answer.

The adjustability of this grow light accommodates virtually any size Bonsai tree - large or small. The height adjusts up to 14" high. Great for Bonsai trees or any other indoor plant. The Intelligent Plant Light will help you grow beautiful orchids, blooming violets or herbs in the kitchen. 

But that's not why we call this lamp "Intelligent." The Intelligent Plant Light is a tabletop lamp that will turns on automatically every day according to your plants needs and even adjusts for the changing seasons and then turn off at the appropriate time each evening. Most importantly, and the feature that makes this grow light like none other, is it's ability to tell you when your plant needs water. That, my firends, is a huge thing in growing Bonsai trees. 

  • Nine watt full spectrum florescent lamp duplicates the sun's rays for optimum growth - allowing you to grow virtually and Bonsai tree inside
  • A probe inserts into the soil of your pot and tells you exactly when it's time to water. Watering is the single most tricky problem to conquer when growing Bonsai trees, the Intelligent light takes the guesswork out of watering forever.
  • The Intelligent lamp turns on and off automatically, every day, but it also simulating nature's annual clock and adjusts the lighting duration by day to replicate...summer, fall, winter and spring.
  • Set the season once and the internal computer begins the daylight cycle.
Like all BonsaiOutlet products, satsisfation is unconditionally guaranteed.

Bonsai Tree Desktop Intelligent Grow Light


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