Imported Chojubai (Red) Dwarf Flowering Quince In a Glazed Ceramic Pot(No. 18359)

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Chojubai (Red) Dwarf Flowering Quince

This tree arrived at the nursery a several weeks ago, from a private collector. I'm not sure if this tree was imported many moon ago, but it's at NEBG now. This is one of the collectors many great and unique trees available for sale and/or on display at the nursery.

You don't see specimens like this very often. The Japanese Flowering Quince (desirable red flower), Chaenomeles japonica 'Chojubai,' is a captivating addition to any bonsai collection.

Renowned for its vibrant blooms and intricate branching pattern, the 'Chojubai' variety of Japanese Flowering Quince exudes elegance and charm. Its delicate, crimson-hued flowers adorn the bonsai with a burst of color, creating a stunning focal point in any setting. These are extremely slow growers. So to see a tree of this maturity is incredible. 

Thriving in full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil, this bonsai is perfect for enthusiasts seeking a visually striking and low-maintenance specimen. With its compact form and prolific flowering habit, 'Chojubai' brings year-round beauty.

Experience the allure of the Japanese Flowering Quince 'Chojubai' and elevate your bonsai collection with its timeless grace and beauty.

Stats -

  • The bonsai is approximately 11" tall, measured from the table to top of tree. 
  • Spread is 11"
  • This tree ships in a 6" Glazed Ceramic Pot.  
  • Images taken on May 01, 2024 
  • Ships from our Massachusetts Nursery


The Tree(s) you see are the tree(s) you'll receive. 


 *** This is an expensive Bonsai. We've likely been watering, fertilizing, pruning, and weeding this tree for a long time. Once this tree leaves our facility, watering, fertilizing, etc is beyond our control. If you buy this bonsai, we assume you're a responsible person and that you know what you are purchasing. THEREFORE - The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that NEBG makes no warranties once the Product leaves our nursery. All One-Of-A-Kind Trees are listed AND sold “as is”. Sales are considered final. No refunds or exchanges will be offered in any instance. NEBG assumes no responsibility for the health and welfare of the products after they leave our nursery. Please ask care questions prior to buying, if you are unsure.



Imported Chojubai (Red) Dwarf Flowering Quince In a Glazed Ceramic Pot(No. 18359)

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Imported Chojubai (Red) Dwarf Flowering Quince In a Glazed Ceramic Pot(No. 18359)


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