Imported, Non-Grafted Japanese Maple Deshojo in Tokoname Grow Pot (No. 056)

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This is a One Of A Kind Japanese Maple Deshojo

These imported Deshojo are cutting grown (NOT GRAFTED). Over the next couple of years, these gems will turn into phenomenal trees.

Japanese Maples are a bonsai classic. However, nothing compares to a Deshojo Maples. It's one of the most desired type of maple for its deep red leaves. The bright red spring color is out of this world. Fall color on 'Deshojo' is a bright fiery red.

Overall, the Deshojo Maple Bonsai is a stunning and unique plant that offers a beautiful representation of the art and culture of bonsai cultivation. Its vibrant red leaves and rich cultural significance make it a popular and treasured choice among bonsai enthusiasts around the world.

The Deshojo maple is a great choice for those looking to add a splash of color to their bonsai collection. Its fantastic color, ease of care and widespread availability make it a popular choice for bonsai enthusiasts of all levels of experience.

Please ask questions prior to purchasing. The Tree you see if the tree we will ship. They are dormant, with wire scars. Scars will heal quickly. Picture of tree with foliage is to give you an idea of the red foliage. 

Stats -

  • This bonsai is 5" tall, measured from the soil to the top of tree.
  • The spread is 4"
  • It ships in a 5" Japanese Tokoname Grow pot.
  • Images taken on February 12, 2024

The Tree(s) you see are the tree(s) you'll receive. 

 *** This is an expensive Bonsai. We've likely been watering, fertilizing, pruning, and weeding this tree for a long time. Once this tree leaves our facility, watering, fertilizing, etc is beyond our control. If you buy this bonsai, we assume you're a responsible person and that you know what you are purchasing. THEREFORE - The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Bonsai Outlet makes no warranties once the Product leaves our nursery. All One-Of-A-Kind Trees are listed AND sold “as is”. Sales are considered final. No refunds or exchanges will be offered in any instance. Bonsai Outlet assumes no responsibility for the health and welfare of the products after they leave our nursery. Please ask care questions prior to buying, if you are unsure.

Imported, Non-Grafted Japanese Maple Deshojo in Tokoname Grow Pot (No. 056)

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Imported, Non-Grafted Japanese Maple Deshojo in Tokoname Grow Pot (No. 056)


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