Large Air Root Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai - Plant Only

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Large Air Root Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai

This is a LARGE Hawaiian Umbrella Pre-Bonsai. It's a Large Plank and if purchased without any other supplies, it will likely ship in a 12" x 12" x 16" box. 

Hawaiian Umbrella Pre-Bonsai:  The pre-bonsai is in a 10" grow pot. LOOK at those Air Roots!  

General Background:

The Hawaiian Umbrella is an evergreen with shiny, broad, dark-green leaves that form tiny umbrellas over its multiple, intricate trunks.   It’s one of the most unique and interesting Bonsai in existence and one can’t help but be captivated by its presence. 

At approximately 5 years old, these Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella plants (with air roots) are stunning in appearance. They’re also low in maintenance, making it the ideal Bonsai for anyone who likes beauty without too much effort (which is to say, everyone).

Whether you’re buying for yourself or giving the Hawaiian Umbrella as a gift, this Bonsai is going to be a homerun every time.

Large Air Root Hawaiian Umbrella Bonsai - Plant Only


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