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Exclusive Pre-Sale of Laurent Darrieux's SIGNED Cosmic Bonsai Books. Vol 1 & 2

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Exclusive Pre-Sale of Laurent Darrieux's SIGNED Cosmic Bonsai Books, Volume 1 and 2. 

We're thrilled to bring you an exclusive opportunity! In October, we featured Laurent Darrieux from Cosmic Bonsai as our artist at the Fall Celebration. Hundreds had the chance to immerse themselves in his unique bonsai philosophy. However, there was a quick sell-out of his books, and many missed out.

Here's the exciting news – we've collaborated directly with Laurent to make his books available in the USA. For now, we are the exclusive distributor of Cosmic Bonsai Books.

I Just talked to Laurent and he's going to sign copies of his books before shipping them to us. Here's the deal. 

  1. Only 15 sets of Laurent's Signed Copies of Volume 1 and Volume 2 available. 
  2. Please note: Signed copies will be unsealed (the books) by Laurent and will not be resealed.

Your payment cover the cost to ship the books from France to the USA, customs clearance, and free shipping to you when they arrive. 

IMPORTANT: During the checkout process, you'll see a comments section. In that section, tell us the name you want Laurent to sign. This is important! 

We expect it will take 30-45 days for the books to arrive. These will likely sell out quickly, so please do not wait to order. Future books from Laurent will arrive unsigned. 

About Cosmic Bonsai Books:
These books don't aim to popularize classic Bonsai methods. Instead, they delve into the philosophy and techniques that define this unique style. The Burton Style, notably the Kozumikku style, focus on what sets its style apart from traditional Japanese styles like Moyogi, Netsuranari, Shokan, Chakkan, Ishitsukki, and the historical reasons behind seeking an alternative path.

The Kozumikku key distinction lies in its pursuit of creating tree forms that defy nature's structure, emphasizing control over the plant to craft unique and extraordinary shapes.
Don't miss this chance to explore the unconventional beauty of Cosmic Bonsai Books – your gateway to a bonsai philosophy unlike any other.


Exclusive Pre-Sale of Laurent Darrieux's SIGNED Cosmic Bonsai Books. Vol 1 & 2


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