Yellow Flowering Ixora with Long Lasting Flowers In Glazed Ceramic Pot (No. 16468)

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This is a One Of A Kind Dwarf Ixora

The Ixora Bonsai, scientifically known as Ixora spp., is a captivating and vibrant representation of the Ixora shrub that is native to tropical regions. This bonsai variety highlights the striking characteristics of the Ixora while being meticulously nurtured to maintain its beauty on a miniature scale.

The Ixora Bonsai features a small, well-proportioned trunk that embodies the essence of a mature shrub. Its dense foliage is adorned with clusters of petite, star-shaped flowers in various shades of red, pink, orange, and even yellow, depending on the species and cultivar. The leaves are typically glossy and oval-shaped, creating a lush and visually appealing canopy.

Maintaining the Ixora Bonsai requires attention to lighting, watering, and care. These bonsai thrive in bright, indirect sunlight and require regular watering to keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Providing a humid environment and ensuring good air circulation can contribute to their overall health and blooming.

In conclusion, the Ixora Bonsai captures the essence of a tropical flowering shrub in a diminutive and captivating presentation. With its stunning flowers and carefully shaped form, it becomes a remarkable living art piece that adds color and vibrancy to any bonsai collection or space.

Stats -

  • This bonsai is 9" tall, measured from the table to the top of tree.
  • The spread is 11"
  • It ships in a 8" glazed pot
  • Pictures taken June 10, 2024
  • Ships from our Massachusetts nursery

The Tree(s) you see are the tree(s) you'll receive. 

 *** This is an expensive Bonsai. We've likely been watering, fertilizing, pruning, and weeding this tree for a long time. Once this tree leaves our facility, watering, fertilizing, etc is beyond our control. If you buy this bonsai, we assume you're a responsible person and that you know what you are purchasing. THEREFORE - The Buyer acknowledges and agrees that Bonsai Outlet makes no warranties once the Product leaves our nursery. All One-Of-A-Kind Trees are listed AND sold “as is”. Sales are considered final. No refunds or exchanges will be offered in any instance. Bonsai Outlet assumes no responsibility for the health and welfare of the products after they leave our nursery. Please ask care questions prior to buying, if you are unsure. 

Yellow Flowering Ixora with Long Lasting Flowers In Glazed Ceramic Pot (No. 16468)

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Yellow Flowering Ixora with Long Lasting Flowers In Glazed Ceramic Pot (No. 16468)


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