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We're honored to be a seller of the remaining Robert Steven's Limited Edition, Reproduction Bonsai Pot. Unavailable for years, 134 of the original 500 pieces are again for sale. Each one handmade by Robert Stevens.

Robert Steven, an internationally acclaimed Bonsai master from Indonesia, also known as a sculptor, has exclusively made this mini size ceramic Bonsai pot, as reproduction to an original antique Bonsai pot from the Ming Dynasty.

Outside Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 8.5 centimeters, a 1:3 scale size of the original.
Stamped by Kiln: Yes
Drainage Holes: 4
Model Number: RS-01 Size is 12 x 12 x 8.5 centimeters, a 1:3 scale size of the original.

This limited edition reproduction totalled 500 pieces. This pot was produced throug the traditional process method in the ancient "Quan Shu" Dragon Kiln of Yixing, Jiangshu, China.

This pot is a highly valued collectors item for Bonsai lovers, not only because it was made in the historic ancient kiln, but also because it was made exclusively by Robert Steven - each one is individually hand numbered and includes his personal seal.

More About Dragon Kiln
"Qian Shu" Ancient Dragon Kiln is located in Qian Shu village of Yixing, Jiangshu, China. The Kiln was built by the Ming Dynasty more than 600 years ago.
It was called "dragon Kiln" because of the unique shape of the kiln in lenght of 43.4 meters, 2.3 meters width and 1.55 meters height with 42 pairs of control windows on both sides. It looked like a dragon's backbone laying down from the hill.
More details about the Dragon Kiln is included with the pot.

Introduction to Robert Steven:

- Started doing and collecting Bonsai in 1979. Have permanent exhibit centre with over 500 Bonsai collection in wide variety of species.

- Have won more than 200 competition awards nationally as well as international e.g.:
- Entry Award of 2000 JAL World Bonsai Contest
- Entry Award of 2000 Ben Oki International Design Award
- Runner-up winner of 2001 Ben Oki International Design Award
- Grand Winner of 2001 Certre Award International
- Runner-up winner of 2002 Ben Oki International Design Award
- Runner-up winner of 2002 Certre Award International
- Entry Award of JAL World Bonsai Contest 2002
- Runner-up of World Bonsai Contest 2003
- Bronze Award of 2006 BCI Convention in China
- Grand Winner of 2007 Certre Award International
- The Most Original Design Award 2007 of KoB

This is your chance to own an exclusive Robert Steven Bonsai Pot.

Exclusive Robert Steven's Pot


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