Got FRIT? A Healthy Bonsai Begins With The Soil

Spring is just around the corner, and soon your bonsai tree will emerge from its winter sleep.

Why trace elements ensure a healthy plant

The first few months of the season are essential to your bonsai's vitality. That includes the need for the often mentioned but sometimes mysterious "trace elements." But it's no mystery. In fact, all deciduous and tropical plants require trace elements to ensure healthy growth, and your bonsai tree is no different 

All organic matter contains various levels of trace elements, and it is often found in the form of soil or fertilizer. But the levels in soil and fertilizer are not sufficient for long-term growth. Bonsai soil in particular cannot supply enough of the vital trace elements that are needed. But there are products available such as FRIT that can help fill the trace element void.

FRIT contains more than 28 trace elements and minerals on the major and minor scale that are essential to the health of your bonsai tree and other houseplants. It is a dual-acting compound that releases these major trace elements over a 12-month period.

However, 30 percent of the compound is soluble in the first hour following application to the soil, which means your bonsai gets an immediate infusion of needed trace elements. This ensures an instant remedy for trace element inadequacy. The remaining 70 percent of the compound is released slowly and evenly over the course of a year in order to maintain your bonsai's health.


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It's important to note that FRIT is not a fertilizer, or a replacement for fertilizer. Rather FRIT is a product that is used to compliment the fertilizer that you use, providing the vital trace elements for your tree that are not available in the needed amounts. Think of it as a complex multivitamin for your bonsai that is taken only once a year.

All bonsai regardless of species can benefit from a yearly application of FRIT. And the application is easy to do, the way a kit should be. Simply mix FRIT with your soil prior to potting. For an already potted bonsai, sprinkle it on the surface at the rate of one tablespoon for a six-inch pot. Or if you like to make your own bonsai soil, you can incorporate FRIT by mixing 1/3 to 1/2 pounds per five gallons of soil. That's all there is to it, and your bonsai will thank you all year long.


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