Ginseng Ficus Bundle

The Complete Ginseng Ficus Experience - Holiday Special

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The Complete Ginseng Ficus Experience: Ginseng Ficus Bonsai Tree, Tinyroots "Anti-Intimidation" Bonsai Starter Kit, and Humidity Tray with River Rocks


This magical holiday exclusive includes the following items:

  1. Ginseng Ficus Bonsai Tree is a Glazed Ceramic Pot (Large Grafted Ficus -  6 yrs. / Height - 8 - 12" Tall) 

  2. Starter Kit with Essentials

  3. Humidity Tray (aka furniture protector) with River Rocks  

A couple of things to consider before purchasing: 

  • We love our plants and monitor the weather closely at this time of year. If we deem it to cold to ship we will reach out to you for alternative options.
  • If you want us to hold the tree we can help you with that. But beware we will only be able to hold until December 12th (we ship trees on Mondays and Tuesdays). Shipping companies cannot guarantee a Christmas delivery after that date.
  • If purchasing as a gift, remember you must take it out the box when you receive.
  • As stated above, pot colors will vary. We only have certain amounts of certain colors. We will not be taking any special requests on the pot colors.
  • Gift Wrapping is not available for this item 

About The Bonsai Tree: 

  • Let’s celebrate a tree that not only looks ridiculous, but one that's also ridiculously easy to care for. 
  • Like The Komodo Dragon and Pad Thai, the Ginseng Ficus is native to Southeast Asia.  
  • Unlike The Komodo Dragon and Pad Thai, the Ginseng Ficus has a thick, pot-bellied trunk with stunning exposed roots, glossy oval leaves and is named for its resemblance to the Ginseng plant's roots (it's also not poisonous and doesn't cure hangovers...or does it?). 
  • The Ginseng Grafted Ficus will do really well inside or out, requires little sunlight and doesn't need much water. It's essentially contributing-to-the-household's-income and doing the dishes away from being perfect. 
  • We have TWO sizes of this lovely Bonsai - one is 4 years old & 8 - 12 inches tall and the other is 6 years old & 12 - 16 inches tall. 
  • BOTH are painfully unique & beautiful. 
About the Starter Kits: 
  • Bonsai Survival Guide - More than just a book with pictures. This is a great little book that breaks down key information on cultivating Bonsai into easy-to-grasp tips. It was written in anticipation of the most frequently asked questions. It gives quick answers to all your questions in plain English. It's an excellent place to start for beginners and an invaluable pocket reference guide for the more experienced. This book is an icon in the Bonsai world. 

  • Traditional Butterfly Bonsai Shears - The "Butterfly" shaped pruning shear is the most popular Bonsai tool on the market. They’re very easy to use, exceptionally powerful because of their unique design and have plenty of room in the handles to accommodate gloved fingers. When it comes to trimming roots, twigs and branches easily and precisely, Butterfly Shears are essential. 

  • 2 oz. Bottle of Uncle Bill's Bonsai Fertilizer(tm) - Uncle Bill’s Bonsai Brew is a 3-3-3, low dose year-round fertilizer that’s perfect for almost all species of bonsai and used on our very own Bonsai here at NEBG. Uncle Bill’s is water soluble and free of odor, which makes it particularly good for your indoor trees.   

  • 2 oz. Bottle of Uncle Bill's Bonsai Frit(tm)- FRIT contains over 28 vital trace elements and minerals that are essential to the health of your bonsai. This slow acting granular compound will gently release all the major and minor trace elements over a 12 month period. 30% of the compounds are soluble in the first hour. The remaining nutrients become available with the natural breakdown in the soil over the course of a year.  

  • Aluminum Wire - Aluminum wire is used throughout the Bonsai world to shape and train early Bonsai trees. The Kit includes 4 feet of wire to point your Bonsai in the right direction so that it grows into the majestic Bonsai tree of your dreams. 

  • Genuine Chinese Mud Figurine - No Bonsai tree is complete without an old-world figurine to add realism, authenticity and culture - not to mention good Karma. These figurines are extremely detailed and hand-made in China from refinded mud, then partly glazed and kiln fired. The specific figurine may vary.  (Not all kits contain the same mudmen - They will vary)  

About the Humidity Tray 
  • Designed specifically to maintain moisture levels, which are absolutely critical for Bonsai trees.  As the excess water in the tray evaporates, your tree will be surrounded by the humidity, and it’ll love you for it. 

  • Each tray includes River Rocks or Sand (what you receive depends on which nursery it ships from), which are both functional and add to the general aesthetic of your Bonsai.  The tray and rocks/sand can also be used for Cacti, Succulents or any other house plant. 

The Complete Ginseng Ficus Experience - Holiday Special

MSRP: $102.89
(You save: $14.90 )
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The Complete Ginseng Ficus Experience - Holiday Special

MSRP: $102.89
(You save: $14.90 )

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