Indoor Display: Take a Stand for Your Bonsai

Now that your tropical and subtropical bonsai are indoors for the winter months, you may be considering ways to enhance its display and protect the furniture in your home. The bonsai stand is an important element of formality when it comes to displaying your tree, especially in a tokonoma arrangement. Bonsai stands come in many shapes and sizes, but one thing remains constant. - they are all designed to draw attention to the tree

Because we tend to display our bonsai in an informal setting, the display stand tends to be a secondary consideration. Like your tree, display stands are designed with symmetry in mind. There are traditional rules that can be considered. But your main concern should be that the stand is attractive in your home and furniture-friendly. And of course, that you're having fun. Let the experts worry about symmetry.

All bonsai, regardless of size, should be displayed on some sort of stand, even if the stand is no more than a reed mat. Think of the stand as comparable to the frame of a painting. Its purpose is to raise the bonsai to a proper viewing height and to give the bonsai a feeling of importance.

According to tradition, the stand is made of wood. However, some traditions call for the bonsai is to be displayed on slab of rock. If the bonsai is styled formally, then the stand should be one of a formal design. If it is informal, then the stand should be informal as well. And finally, the stand should never be smaller or of the same size as the pot, and bamboo or reed mats should be used only with small or medium-sized bonsai or accents and never with the more powerful primary trees.

The right stand can add to the décor of a room and bring out the best in your bonsai this winter. For example, our handcrafted bonsai stands are made from Merbau, one of the world's most stable and attractive woods, and finished with a hand-applied stain for rich luster and a long-lasting finish. Handcrafted by artisans, these stands will add character to a home while remaining firmly planted in Oriental custom.

Which brings to our key point - choosing a stand you love should be easy. Make certain your stand has a strong, long-lasting finish to protect the wood from moisture. Be sure the stand is made from a quality hardwood. And finally, consider choosing a traditional hand-crafted stand. It may produce minor differences in color and size, but that is was will make it unique, much like your bonsai, and offer a lifetime of pleasure.

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