Lucky Bamboo Care


Native to Southeast Asia, the lucky bamboo plant has been valued for 4,000 years as a sign of good luck, health and fortune. Because of Lucky bamboo’s wide variety of symbolism, it makes a great gift, for many occasions. And because it’s virtually care free, and can be grown in almost any light condition, it’s the perfect plant to add beauty and nature to any room.

Number of Stalks

Practitioners of the ancient Chinese tradition of Feng Shui hold a special reverence for the lucky bamboo plant, which is believed to bestow good luck, happiness and a long life - and the number of stalks used in an arrangement means something specific:

3 - Happiness, wealth and longevity are represented by three stalks.

5 - Five stalks bring a healthy balance, or type of wealth, to the five areas of life--the spiritual, mental, emotional, physical and intuitive. (The sixth, incidentally, is cold beer and pizza).

6 - Six bamboo stalks represent luck and favorable conditions for prosperity.

7 - Seven stalks of lucky bamboo represent health. 

8 - Eight stalks owe their significance to the similarities in sound of the Chinese word for the number eight and the word "fah," which means to grow or thrive, and thus represents success. 

10 - Ten stalks suggest that a situation is ideal or perfect. 

21 - Are considered extremely lucky and are used to grant a blessing on a household.

Lucky Bamboo Care


Lucky bamboo is grown in a container filled with water and rocks. The water in this container should be changed once a week or so. Tap water is okay, filtered water is better and distilled water is great.


Lucky Bamboo is a low light plant and does best in filtered sunlight. Direct sunlight will make the leaves wither and turn yellow.

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