Bonsai Tree Watering Can - Haws | Heritage Plastic (2 Pints)

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Haws' most recent addition is the 'Heritage' 2 pint can.

  • This watering can comes with a fine brass faced rose which is stored on a special parking point when not in use.
  • High quality injection moulding.
  • High gloss finish. Sized to fit any windowsill.
  • Attractive 'Trellis' pattern.
  • Domed lid to prevent spillage when pouring.

The long spout makes it easy to water plants in hard to reach places.  The angle of the spout and the handle on the back makes it balanced and very easy to use.  A must have for anyone that has tried to water a bonsai tree and ended up completely washing the gravel off the surface of the soil and onto the table.

*water not included

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