The Beauty of Bonsai, A Guide to Displaying and Viewing Nature's Exquisite Sculpture (B68)

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Bonsai & Art. For anyone who loves bonsai trees and beauty by Junsun Yamamoto with a preface by Masahiko Kimura, world famous bonsai master.

This sumptuously photographed new bonsai book is aptly named. In addition to numerous stunning color bonsai and other photos, it features a preface by famed Bonsai Master and innovator Masahiko Kimura and a section that includes thirty seven new photos of the bonsai master at work, as well as of some of his most daring bonsai trees.

A gorgeous, groundbreaking new bonsai book that features magnificent photos of some of the best bonsai trees in the world.


Japan's delicate, miniature bonsai are instantly recognizable and enjoyed by people the world over. But true understanding of bonsai, and the ability to master the art of displaying them so that their beauty is maximized, takes dedication and time. The Beauty of Bonsai teaches readers to fully appreciate the essence and aesthetics of these amazing trees. This is not a practical, how-to gardening guide. Rather, the book concentCalculated at checkouts on heightening our awareness of what we see and feel when we view bonsai.

The first chapter opens with an in-depth discussion of bonsai, likening them to landscape painting, and explaining the role of perspective in creating the most pleasing arrangements. The second chapter focuses on two traditional composite displays, known as tokonoma and machiai, and imparts valuable tips to the reader on how best to achieve these classic formations. Chapter Three explores themes of bonsai settings, and gives advice on displays based on a particular chosen theme (for example, a mountain or a forest). The bonsai are adorned with ornaments and displayed in pots designed by famous artisans. In Chapter Four, renowned bonsai creator Masahiko Kimura demonstCalculated at checkouts the process of creating a professional bonsai display. Accompanied by many photographs, the text outlines the artist's creative process, offering readers unique insights.



I just received a copy of this new book and thought I'd report..... Bonsai is a very strange art form in that most everyone who takes an interest wants to also DO it. I doubt that too many who view the Sistine Chapel come home and start eying their living room ceilings and start ordering brushes. But everyone imagines that buying a "bonsai" at the mall will get one directly into the mix.

If you want to know how to keep your little Mallsai alive, don't buy this book. Instead, try one of the Sunset/Ortho paperbacks, or get the wonderful "Art of Bonsai" by Yoshimura & Halford, or the great "Bonsai Techniques" by John Yoshio Naka. This book is about appreciation of the Art, and how to look at the trees and sekikazari displays to really SEE what's intended by the artist. To my knowledge,there is no other English language book devoted entirely to these subjects. As younger students, we had to pour over our old Kokofuten Show books to try to get what is here explained in good detail. All the ideas of jidai, jusei,soe, and many other display concepts are well explained. The pictures are really excellent, and if you don't feel that little pain of longing when you see them, you should probably stick to Stamp collecting.

A fine book for enthusiasts who want to take their skill and knowledge up to a far higher level. A neat gift, as well.

Hardcover, 7 3/4" x 10 1/2"  96 pages with 205 color photos

The Beauty of Bonsai, A Guide to Displaying and Viewing Nature's Exquisite Sculpture (B68)


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