Tinyroots Concave Cutter 7"and Choji Oil

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Choji Oil - Used by generations of Japanese sword smiths and wood workers to protect their tools from rust and corrosion.  Perfect for Bonsai tools.

Our Tinyroots brand Master's grade 7 inch Concave Cutter. Tinyroots offers superior precision and the ultimate in lifetime bonsai tools.

Concave cutters are the perfect all around bonsai tool. This smaller 7 inch size makes it easy to handle and can be used for the most precise, smaller trimming projects or used to cleanly cut a sizable branch off of your Bonsai tree. The "concave" shape of the head creates a slightly indented cut that ultimately helps the wound heal with a much less visible scar.

Old-world craftsmanship combined with modern technology results in the finest tools available with the aesthetic feel of a fine surgical instrument

Comes complete in a handsome protective box, with custom cut out to provide your tool protection for a lifetime.

Tinyroots tools are top quality bonasi tools imported exclusively by Bonsaioutlet.com and available only at Bonsaioutlet and fine retailers.

Dimensions: 170 mm (6 1/2")
Material: Master Grade Carbon Steel
Brand: Tinyroots
Model #: TR-13

Tinyroots Concave Cutter 7"and Choji Oil


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