Bonsai Seed Kit - Gardenia

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Gardenia Bonsai Box Seed Kit

Dark, glossy foliage that feels like suede, graceful snow-white flowers and that legendary, sweet bouquet ~ if the Gardenia isn’t perfect, I’m not sure what is. BUT the Gardenia isn’t simply absolutely gorgeous, it’s also one of the easiest flowering Bonsai to grow from seed.

These Gardenia bloom from March through June and during those months go unrivaled in terms of beauty, grace and fragrance.

Gardenia are evergreen shrubs that take really well to pruning, making them ideal for The Art of Bonsai.

The Bonsai Box Seed Kit Includes

  • Seeds
  • Growing Medium
  • Bonsai Shears
  • Recycled US Steel Box
  • Directions

*The second image indicates what your Bonsai can look like in 3 years 

Bonsai Seed Kit - Gardenia


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