Pomegranate (Outdoor)

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Pomegranate - Outdoor Bonsai Tree

Everyone loves The Pomegranate.   This fruit bearing, deciduous tree from Persia has been beloved from antiquity to today, and if you make the wise decision to buy yourself one today, you’re going to love yours, too.

On top of producing adorable miniature pomegranate fruits, the Pomegranate Bonsai has glossy, skinny, oblong leaves and will bud and bloom from Spring through Summer with fruit appearing between August and October.

The Pomegranate is an outdoor tree that’s unique, opulent, rare and dazzling. It does best in temperatures over 20 degrees and will undoubtedly become the centerpiece of your collection.

Our Pomegranate Bonsai is an absolute stunner.  

Blooms from June through August.  


Pomegranate - 4 Years Old, 8-12" Tall 

* The Starter Kit Includes - 101 Bonsai Tips Book, Traditional Bonsai Shears, 2 oz. Bottle of MicroTotal, 2 oz. Bottle of Neptune's Harvest Fertilizer, Bonsai Wire, Mudman Figurine & a Decorative Bamboo Box 

** Humidity Trays are used to catch the excess water that drains out of the bottom on Bonsai Pots.  They're mostly used for Indoor Trees to protect furniture.

Pomegranate (Outdoor)

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Pomegranate (Outdoor)


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