Pocket Bonsai: Care Shaping Repotting Species (4018)

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Pocket Bonsai is the essential, practical guide and reference source to this ancient art. This finely detailed book combines expertly drawn illustrations and beautiful full-color photographs with clear descriptions that highlight every facet of the practice of bonsai. Throughout, sound advice enables enthusiasts to create their own living works of art.  

From its origins as a Chinese art form some 2000 years ago through today, the bonsai tree remains an object of fascination that embraces both nature and art. Now, gardeners can participate in the wonderful tradition of bonsai cultivation with the help of this definitive, pocket-size yet extremely thorough guide, written by an expert. It’s all here: where and how to begin a collection, growth and feeding processes, maintenance techniques, and a listing of the required tools and equipment. Each page is packed with color photos and offers valuable information on the history, anatomy, and growing environments of these tranquil and beautiful miniature trees. Complete with a directory of suitable species, this is the perfect reference for owners and enthusiasts at any level.

Paperback: 192 pages
Author: David Prescott
Dimensions: All color 6 x 8 1/4
Model Number: BK034018

Pocket Bonsai: Care Shaping Repotting Species (4018)


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