18" Tinyroots Propagation Trays. Seed Sprouting, Rooted Cuttings, or Establishing Bare roots and Liners

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Tinyroots Propagation Trays - 18 Inches

Tinyroots Propagation trays are perfect for spouting seeds, rooting cuttings, or establishing roots on bare-root liners. They also fabulous for field grown or collected trees (Yamadori) to encourage lateral and feeder roots.

Not only are they made of durable, high-density plastic that can resist ultraviolet light, but their 3/16" square shaped mesh bottom (full screen bottom) is fantastic for drainage and ideal for promoting root development.

The inside measurements are 17.75" square by 4" deep - large enough to start lots of tree seeds, transplant freshly collected yamadori, or maybe the development of a forest planting.

With no sign of breakdown after years of sun exposure, these containers offer unparalleled durability and performance. Tinyroots Propagation Flats are quickly becoming an indispensable part of any bonsai enthusiast's arsenal!


  1. They’re Virtually indestructible
  2. Perfect for spouting seeds, rooting cuttings, or establishing roots on bare-root liners
  3. Excellent for Field Grown or Collected Trees to encourage lateral and feeder roots
  4. Raised edges to help contain water and support fragile seedlings as they grow
  5. Full Screen Bottom provides drainage that allow gardeners to properly regulate watering levels while avoiding overwatering or stagnant water
  6. Inside measurements are 17.75" square by 4" deep. You will want to use a coarser aeration layer of soil (1/4 - 3/8" particle size) at the bottom of the pots so that your soil does not fall through the 3/16" openings. (Lava Rock, for example)

Seed growing trays are invaluable for bonsai tree enthusiasts looking to propagate. By providing an optimal environment, the trays can help young saplings propagate faster and more reliably.

Measurements are: 

  • Dimensions: 17.75” long x 17.55” wide x 4” height.

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