Ho Yoku 3-3-3: Essential Liquid Fertilizer for Thriving Bonsai Trees

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Ho Yoku 3-3-3: The Ultimate Bonsai Tree Fertilizer

Essential Nourishment for Your Bonsai Plants

While they source carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen from air and water, they rely on a blend of 14 vital elements to flourish. These elements, present in modern-day fertilizers, are categorized into Macronutrients, Secondary nutrients, and Micronutrients. Their balanced presence in the soil ensures the plant's optimal health.

Ho Yoku: The Perfect Blend for Bonsai Trees

Introducing Ho Yoku Liquid Fertilizer 3-3-3 – a low-dose, ready-to-use, year-round solution tailored for your bonsai tree. This unique blend ensures your bonsai receives the essential NPK MACRO nutrients consistently throughout its growth phase. What sets Ho Yoku 3-3-3 apart is its water-soluble nature combined with an odor-free formula, making it an ideal choice for indoor trees.

Benefits & Usage

  • Promotes Vibrant Green Growth: Witness your bonsai tree flourish with lush greenery.
  • Strengthens Roots: Ensures a robust foundation for your tree, enhancing its longevity.
  • Instantaneous Results: Feed your tree and see immediate, remarkable results.
  • Safe & Effective: The low-dose formula ensures zero risk of root burns.
  • Directions: Combine 1 tablespoon of fertilizer with a gallon of water.
  • Packaging: Comes in a user-friendly 8 Fl oz bottle with a disc cap for effortless pouring.
  • Usage Period: Ideal for all seasons, especially during the growth phase.

Caution: Exclusively for plants. Keep out of children's reach and refrain from consumption.

Ho Yoku 3-3-3: Essential Liquid Fertilizer for Thriving Bonsai Trees


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