Mix Your Own Premium Bonsai Soil with this 3-pack (BLACK Lava, Pumice, and Akadama)

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3-Pack Premium Bonsai Soil (BLACK Lava, Pumice, and Akadama)

Want to Mix your own soil, but want to avoid bulk aggregate bags which often include a lot of fines and dust? This is a great solution. We sift all of the fines and dust, so you're only buying the good stuff. 

This Kit Includes: 

  1. Black Lava (2.25 Quart Bag)
  2. Pumice (2.25 Quart Bag)
  3. Akadama (2.25 Quart Bag)

Horticultural Pumice:

An Additive for Bonsai Soil. 100% Pure - No Dyes, No Chemicals. Mined is the USA. Pumice is IDEAL FOR PLANT HEALTH. It Promotes Excellent Drainage & Water Retention, Maintains Moisture While Allowing Air Into the Roots. ALL NATURAL: 100% Pure Volcanic Pumice - NO Artificial Coloring, NO Dyes, NO Chemicals. Our 3/8 – 1/4" pumice is ideal for soil mix's to improve the drainage of bonsai and other container plants. Our pumice is a natural volcanic product... no rocks, roots or other debris.

  • Pumice is one of the best additive to soil mix for Bonsai, cactus and succulent.
  • It helps retain moisture and improves drainage.
  • All our pumice have been sieved to discard dust and tiny particles.

Black Lava:

Dust Free Black Lava Rock. Perfect aggregate and substrate for Bonsai Soil Additive. Great for Succulents, Bonsai, and many other plants. Comes in many sizes. Professional Mix and Sifted. 

Our Black Lava Rock contains no artificial coloring. It’s non-toxic, porous, and lightweight. It’s ideal to help control moisture and improve drainage. It’s commonly use as a soil additive for Bonsai, Succulents, or other plants. Lava Rock will help prevent soil compaction and will not break down over time.


Akadama is a premium bonsai soil used by Japanese master gardeners. Akadama soil is mined in Japan from volcanic soil. Once extracted its dried and sifted to various grain sizes. A lot of our experienced customers use Akadama soil for their conifers and deciduous trees, but it's also recommend for novice gardeners. Akadama soil changes color (it darkens) when wet, which provides a visual indicator of when to water your plant. You can purchase large bags of Akadama, but there’s usually a lot of sediment at the bottom that should not be used.

We DO NOT simply repackage Akadama. Tinyroots Akadama is sifted through a 1/8” mesh to eliminate the small particles. It’s then emptied on a bench, and once again, sifted using a 1/16” mesh. This ensures that 99.9% of the sediment is eliminated. Then it’s bagged in a resealable pouch.

  • TINYROOTS. Used by professionals at Bonsai Outlet, New England Bonsai, Kaikou School of Bonsai, and it’s the brand trusted by Independent Garden Centers.
  • READY TO USE. Our aggregates are sifted, hand Mixed, Dried, and Bagged. 
  • TRUST THE EXPERTS. These are the aggregates we use on most of our specimen trees such as our Imported White Pines.
  • AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE SIZE. Our Aggregates are available in multiple sizes and ship in RESEABLE STAND UP POUCH. Use what you need, and reseal the pouch for future use. No mistaking what’s inside the pouch or spilling it.
  • 100% Money-Back. Satisfaction Guarantee if you and not satisfied.

As a registered Nursery in Massachusetts and Florida, our soils and aggregates are tested regularly to comply with agricultural regulations.


Mix Your Own Premium Bonsai Soil with this 3-pack (BLACK Lava, Pumice, and Akadama)

MSRP: $37.85
(You save: $4.90 )

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