Brown / Copper Color Aluminum Bonsai Wire - (Select Roll & Gauge Size)

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Copper Colored Aluminum Wire - 100g, 500g or 1kg Rolls

Bonsai training wire is widely used to style/train the branches of your bonsai tree.

Our aluminum wire is easy to handle, provides a firm hold, and is easy on the hands.

One method of wiring the tree is to wrap the trunk. Then each branch is wrapped in spirals of Raffia and then bonsai wire so that the branch may be bent. The tree will then train the branch to grow in the desired direction.

You should do a trial run on a flexible branch that can afford to be sacrificed. Use a piece of wire 1.5x the length of the branch to be wired. Then hold the wire in place with one hand, and wind it around and along the branch with the other hand. The wire should run cleanly along the branch, at an angle of about 45 degrees to it, and should not be to tight or too loose.

If the wire is cutting into the bark remove it and start over as it will leave scars. Be sure to check the wire periodically to make sure it is not cutting into the branch.


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