Few Things Accompany A Bonsai Better Than Moss

Posted by Ashley Carrier on 20th Nov 2015

Today, let's talk about moss. No, really! If you're relatively new to Bonsai, it's time to learn about one of those "little secrets" that separates a great Bonsai tree from all the rest.Moss.Moss is actually one of the best additions you can make to most Bonsai. Packets of spores are extremely affordable, fast-growing, and they bring plenty of benefits to the looks and the health of your Bonsai. It's truly a must-have for just about any planting.Three Reasons Moss Is A Great Part Of A Bon …
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Dress Up Your Bonsai For Spooky Halloween Fun!

30th Oct 2015

Why should trees only get to have fun on Christmas?Halloween can be a great time for Bonsai enthusiasts because their tree can easily be dressed up to get into the spooky spirit of the season. Depending on its size, you might even be able to make it a new centerpiece of your Halloween decorations. It's also another great activity for parents and children to do together, if you've got little ones.Plus, given the heritage of Bonsai, it gives you an opportunity to put a bit of a Jap …
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Who Wouldn't Want A Money Tree?

31st Aug 2015

Money may not actually grow on trees, but we have the next-best thing: A Braided Bonsai Money Tree!The Money Tree is more officially a Water Chestnut plant (Pachira aquatica), and it's one of the most popular variations of Bonsai in the world, especially in Asia. Its popularity is thanks to a number of factors, and make it into a truly excellent Bonsai for newcomers and enthusiasts alike.Let's take a closer look at the Braided Money Tree and see why it's become such a favorite.Five Rea …
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