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Grow your Bonsai to Perfection with Aoki Bonsai Soil

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Experience Superior Growth - Aoki Bonsai Soil

Cultivate the growth of your bonsai with the Aoki Bonsai Soil, a premium blend of volcanic soils specifically designed for bonsai trees. Composed of 80% Akadama, 18% Kiryu (pumice), and 2% Fuji Suna (lava), this unique mix ensures optimal growth conditions for your bonsai, whether it's a conifer or any other type. With a small grain size of 5mm, the Aoki soil encourages superior drainage, aeration, and nutrient retention, essential for a thriving bonsai.

Versatile and Customizable

Aoki soil is versatile and adaptable, perfect for all types of bonsai trees but especially suited for small ones. It can be used standalone or combined with extra pumice and lava to create a mix that retains less water. With Aoki Bonsai Soil, you can cater to the specific needs of your bonsai, crafting the perfect environment for it to flourish.

Expert Craftsmanship - Specialized Bonsai Soil

Step into the realm of expert bonsai care with Aoki soil. This specialized soil blend is created to offer the high level of porosity required for bonsai trees, ensuring excellent drainage and aeration while also preserving necessary moisture and nutrients. Opt for Aoki Bonsai Soil and provide your bonsai trees with the care they deserve.

What You Get:

  • 16l Bag of Aoki Bonsai Soil

Grow your Bonsai to Perfection with Aoki Bonsai Soil


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