Bonsai Soil Trace Elements (Frit)

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Provides over 28 Vital Trace Elements and Minerals to improve depleted soil

ALL plants need, especially bonsai, trace elements to maintain optimum healthy growth. While all organic matter contains various levels of trace elements, whether this organic matter is in the form of soil or fertilizer, these levels are not sufficient for long term growth, and bonsai soil in particular, does not even come close to supplying the vital trace elements that are needed. Products such Trace Element FRIT fill this needed void. 

Benefits Include:

  • Improve root system and plant vigor
  • Wake up microbials in depleted soils 

To be clear what frit is not.... Frit is not a fertilizer per se or a replacement for fertilizer. Rather FRIT is a product that is used to compliment the fertilizer that you use by providing the vital trace elements for your trees that are not available or not available is the needed amounts. Ho Yoku Frit Trace Elements will remineralize your soil.

When to use? All bonsai regardless of species can benefit from a yearly application of FRIT. Simply mix FRIT with your soil prior to potting, or sprinkle it on the surface at the rate of 1 tablespoon for a 6 inch pot for existing bonsai. THAT IS IT!!! 

It is very simple and again Frit

Directions: Add 1 Tablespoon per 2 quart bag of soil.

Caution: Keep away from children and don’t eat it.

What you get: 2oz jar for premium Granular Trace Elements

When to use: Apply during repotting season.

Bonsai Soil Trace Elements (Frit)


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