Bonsai Tree Soil - Premium Blend - Boon Mix. Sifted of Fine Particles and Ready To Use

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  • 3-Piece Soil Scoop Set in Stainless Steel
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Bonsai Tree Soil - Premium Blend - Boon Mix

We've always called it our premium mix. However, seems like a lot of people are calling in Boon Mix. Regardless, it's a great soil mix used for our premium trees. All ingredients have been hand sifted to remove dust and then they're carefully blended, and bagged. Made with high quality two line Akadama imported from Japan. Akadama is ideal for water retention, aeration, and root development. The lava rock is very porous and aids with drainage and water retention. Since there is no organic components in this mix, you will need to feed your trees appropriately. 

  • TINYROOTS: Used by professionals at Bonsai Outlet, New England Bonsai, Kaikou School of Bonsai, and it’s the brand trusted by Independent Garden Centers.
  • READY TO USE: Our soil is double-sifted, hand Mixed, Dried, and Bagged.
  • FORMULATED BY PROFESSIONALS: All of our soil products are state inspected and tested on a regular basis in order to comply with multi-state regulations. We ACTUALLY use the soil we sell. Our soil provides the plant support, moisture & drainage Bonsai trees need.
  • TRUST THE EXPERTS: This is the soil we use on most of our specimen trees such as our Imported White Pines. Some customer ONLY use our Premium Soil on ALL their trees. 
  • AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE SIZE: Our Ready-To-Use soils are available in multiple sizes and ship in RESEABLE STAND UP POUCH. Use what you need, and reseal the pouch for future use. No mistaking what’s inside the pouch or spilling it.
  • 100% Money-Back: Satisfaction Guarantee if you and not satisfied.

Ingredients: Triple-Sifted Akadama, Red Lava Rock, & Pumice

** Easy zip resealable bag for east storage

** 2.25qt bag can fill an 8" pot (Assuming a typical root ball)

 Premium Blend Benefits: 

  • Pre-sifted by hand and ready to use
  • Won't wash away with watering
  • Supports proper moisture and drainage
  • Optimal water penetration to roots
  • Maximizes fertilizer uptake
  • Will never break down or compact


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