Juniper 'Procumbens' DIY Bonsai Tree Kit - Outdoor Tree

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Bonsai DIY Kit : Juniper 'Procumbens' 

Raising and training a Bonsai tree can be an amazing experience for yourself, for your friends, or for your entire family.

With our Juniper Tree Kit, you'll receive everything you need to get started in one affordable package!

Considered a very hardy conifer, the Juniper is a non-flowering tree that makes a great choice for bonsai because of it is so easy to prune and train.  Originating from China, it's one of the most popular types of bonsai trees and is a firm favorite of many bonsai enthusiasts.

Junipers are also one of the easiest forms of bonsai to take care of, and following a few simple guidelines allows a Juniper Bonsai to be grown without difficulty; as such, they are perfect for beginners and will enable one to develop their bonsai into a magnificent work of art with only a little patience and tender loving care.

The Do-It-Yourself Pre-Bonsai Kit Contains ~

  • Juniper Pre-Bonsai - Procumbens
  • Bonsai Rock - The rock can be placed on the top of your soil as a method to tell when your tree needs water. If the bottom of the rock is damp, you will know your tree does not need water. If the bottom is dry, you will know your tree needs water. 
  • Tinyroots Conifer Blend Bonsai Soil - AA mix of 100% double-sifted pine bark fines, Turface®, coarse river sand, and Pumice. 
  • Glazed Bonsai Pot - A perfectly sized glazed pot and tray will be included with your kit.  Colors will vary but all are beautiful.
  • Bonsai Wire & Mesh - Approximately 3' of wire included. Perfect for anchoring and shaping.  Bonsai wire is specifically designed to shape branches and small trunks and the wire we're including here is of outstanding quality. And the mesh, the holes are actually large enough to allow proper drainage.  
  • Bamboo Chopstick - an excellent tool for loosening the root mass of a Bonsai.
  • Washed River Sand Top Dressing - A beautiful blend of deep earth-toned Bonsai gravel for the top of your soil to complete the Bonsai aesthetic.    

Please Note: We are unable to ship Junipers to California due to Agricultural Restrictions.

Bonsai: Fun For The Whole Family 

Bonsai trees are a great alternative to pets, in situations where pets aren't allowed, or when small children are involved. Raising a Bonsai tree teaches respect for living things, as well as the beauty of nature. 

Bonsai trees are living art. By raising, trimming, and training (shaping) the tree, you can turn it into your own miniature masterpiece. The pot it's kept in is part of the presentation as well, and you have endless options for decoration. Many Bonsai keepers like to use moss, because moss looks much like grass, but you can also be more creative. Add fairies, or gnomes, or little pieces of furniture to create a fantastic tableaux. 

This process can be especially educational for children because raising a Bonsai teaches numerous important lessons - particularly patience. Training and designing a Bonsai takes months, or maybe even years. It's a slow and deliberate process with incremental change every day - but over time, a plain tree can become a wholly unique work of art. 

As you become accustomed to working with your Bonsai tree every day, or every few days, you'll see it develop and grow before your eyes. 

Eventually, you'll have a showpiece that you're proud to show off to friends and family. You might even discover that you want more Bonsai, so you can keep refining your skills. After all, a great forest begins with a single tree! 

Love the Juniper, but in different shape or style? Take a look at our Juniper Bonsai Trees or Beginner Bonsai Trees Selection. 

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Juniper 'Procumbens' DIY Bonsai Tree Kit - Outdoor Tree

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Juniper 'Procumbens' DIY Bonsai Tree Kit - Outdoor Tree


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